My newest book is called The Ice Cream Machine. It's a collection of six different stories with same exact name. Aside from being "exhilarating" and "uniformly funny" (not my words), the goal of the book is to encourage young readers to express their own creativity. I even recorded a video series to share personal writing tips with aspiring authors.

My second newest book is called Gladys the Magic Chicken (illustrated by Adam Rex). It's an epic adventure about a dancing hen which was named an Indie Next Pick as well as one of Amazon's Top Kid's Books of 2021.

My third newest book is called High Five. It’s a neon, rhyming, zoological, adventure that’s designed to inspire physical creativity and hands-on interaction. This feels like as good a time as any to mention it was a #1 New York Times bestseller.

I'm also extremely proud of my book El Chupacabras which won the prestigious Texas Bluebonnet Award in 2020. It’s written in a blend of Spanish and English and all of my proceeds go to support the Hispanic Federation. El Chupacabras was illustrated by legendary Hollywood creature creator Crash McCreery (He's kind of a big deal).

So far, I've published eleven books and nine of them have been illustrated by the incredibly talented Daniel Salmieri. Our most popular collaboration is called Dragons Love Tacos but the other ones are pretty good too.

Many of our books are available at your friendly neighborhood bookstore. If you are confined to your home for some reason, you can always purchase online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Apple. There are also things called libraries but my agent told me not to mention them (Hi Jenn!).

To make an informed buying decision, you may want to read these glowing reviews of Robo-Sauce, Big Bad Bubble, Those Darn Squirrels Fly South, Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel or Secret Pizza Party. If you're more into schadenfreude, check out these one star reviews instead.

Many frequently asked questions are answered in this interview which hints at my life outside of kid's lit.

I love getting email from fans and I promise I'll write back as soon as possible. I'm also on twitter if you're into the whole brevity thing. Eventually, I'll find a better way to wrap things up but in the meantime, please enjoy this excellent playlist of funk music.

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